Monthly Archives: February 2014

Theatre and New Technologies


For centuries people have been attending performances to be entertained, educated and to explore the most inner part of human nature. Since human nature does not have an expiration date people will continue to be theatre goers in the future, as well.

Only time will tell how the 25 century young theatre and the new technologies of tomorrow will complement one another. Still, we can be sure of one thing, new technology must be acceptable to the most inner part of our nature, not the other way around. In other words, theatre is here to stay.

Finding Art Within You


A work of art or a performance cannot be created without using talent. As an inborn ability, talent is a part of a person. As such, talent cannot be taught, only discovered, explored and developed.

Whenever we take a calm and honest look into ourselves we are rewarded. Usually with sense of pride and hope. Expectedly so. We are all beautiful people.

As custodians of beauty we are empowered with a sense of freedom. A sense that allows us to reach the inner most part of ourselves. A part where our beauty meets our talents.

When this happens we create something valuable. Something that will help us to communicate with others by using the beauty of created piece as the only language. The more we use beauty as the language the more productive and the better understood we will be. Beauty is what keeps us together and what will continue to save our world. Keep working, keep talking.

One World One Stage


We are on this journey together. One World One Stage One Destination. No Shortcuts.
The best is yet to come.